Room441 Disclaimers

The boring legal part

Domain Name

Although it may seem pretty obvious, we are a server that hosts websites. That's pretty much all we do. This means that we will not purchase a domain for you on your behalf. (This is generally a bad idea anyways. You always want control over your own domain.) Not to mention you'll get it at market value, because we won't be acting on the part of a reseller. There are a ton of domain providers out there- just make sure you have one purchased before you try to come to us to get hosting for it.

Data Usage

Backups may be kept from time-to-time, but should not be relied upon. The backups on file may not be as up-to-date as you deem nessesscary. Should an error occur, you are expected to keep copies stored locally for re-upload to our server. Due to the fact that we may keep backups, it should be noted that by uploading your files to our server, (much like sending us the files in any other medium,) you concent that we have the authority to view said files that have been uploaded. No information will be sold to third parties, but if there is any sensitive information that you would rather our small team not see, those files should not be uploaded. If you default on a payment, we reserve the right to deactivate your account, and remove your inactive files from our server to make space for other client's content.

On the topic of data usage, we don't cap your account for data storage, but if you're using excessive data storage, we may request that you lower some images to the appropriate size, or host video elsewhere. If you are concerned about using too much storage space, you are more than welcome to link photos externally to another company that provides free hosting. This capping of data is not expected to occur frequently, but at the moment we're currently running solely off of internal storage space, so if that hard drive starts to reach capacity, and you are the outlier in excessive space, we will place a cap on your space. When more users start to join, we expect predetermined data caps to be the norm.

It should be noted that Room441 observes a laissez-faire principle when it comes to what you post. This should not, however give the user the right to post any content that is in the general sense of the word, illegal. If it conflicts with federal laws, the laws of the state in which you reside, or the laws of the state in which the server resides (California,) your content may be terminated with no prior notice. If I recieve any notice of illegal activity on my server, your site will be terminated, and your future billing will not be accepted.

Play Nice

Just because you know how to do something, doesn't mean you should. I've restricted permissions in the webmin portal, but if I see anyone attempting to hack, (doing something/attempting to access something that you have not been given express permission to do/access,) your site will be terminated, and no money will be refunded.


We do not offer any emails with hosting. If there is one thing I've learned at my day job, it's that hosted mail is more trouble than it's worth. You can run your contact information through a standard third party email provider, (like gmail, or yahoo,) or if you would like your domain name in your email, you may go through a third party, like your domain provider, as you see I have done on this site. We apologize for any inconvience, or extra fee that may result, but I don't want to be held liable should anything go wrong in the email field. Leave the complicated parts to the big companies.

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