Costs of Room441

A comprehensive breakdown


There is a monthly hosting fee of $10.00 USD
  ≫  (This covers server maintnance, internet costs, name server/domain costs and electricity for the server.)

There is an initial setup fee of $15.00 USD
  ≫  (This covers the creation of the records in the VirtualHost to allow your domain to connect to the server, the creation of the user account to access and edit the files, and the creation of the directory to upload the files.)

First month hosting FREE!
  ≫  When you purchase a new account with the set-up fee of $15.00 USD

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Room441 has a flat monthly fee, and a setup fee, but your first month will be free with the setup fee. We will not automatically bill your account. We will simply place a notification on your account once your payment has passed due, removing it from online. We will not try to contact you to collect. Once your account has been brought up-to-date, we will re-initiate it. There is no need to worry about automatic withdrawls or having money in your account. You can even host a website for a wedding or a party for just a month or two if you'd like. There are no cancellation fees, and all payments are run through a secure paypal server.

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