About Room441

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Who we are

We are a couple of technical support representatives for a company that creates websites. We have years of html, networking and general technical knowlege. Now we've created a server that we're hosting out of our house.

What we do

We code html, and wanted a place that we could upload our sites with no fuss, no restrictions, and no ads. That place is Room441.com. We've decided to open it up to the public to allow others to share their websites with the world ad free.

Why Room441

With Room441 hosting, you get an account that allows you user permissions to access your own files- any time, and any where. (So long as you have an internet connection.) The advantage to using 441 over another hosting provider is that you have complete control. We will not hold your hand through the process, but we also won't restrict what you can do. Room441 offers simple, hosting with no fuss of navigating a complicated third-party website, and no restrictions to speak of on what you can do. You simply upload html, php, js, or image files as you please. Room441 hosting assumes you have a general knowlege of html code. Room441 is run from a dedicated linux server, and all file managment is done through the webmin portal.


Should there be any problem with your account, or if you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

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